May 26 • 19M

Marvin's Deadly Sander

I have decided to say "fuck it" and really lean into what my teenaged daughters refer to as my, "Home Depot Dad Days." I've never been happier.

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Ryan McMahon
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I was once a punk rock DIY comic that survived on tour by sleeping on the side of the road, eating cold breakfast sandwiches, and drinking bottled water. I’m still a comic, and I still do everything myself, but I’ve mostly quit the cold breakfast sandwiches and sleeping on the side-of-the-road bullshit.

Now in my mid-forties, I have leaned into my over-the-hill, constantly moderately tired, home depot dad years. I honestly caught myself admiring the sander my neighbour across the street had the other day, and I said to myself, “I fucking want that sander. Goddamn, Marvin has a deadly sander.”

This is my audio essay titled “Marvin’s Deadly Sander.”