Joke Talk Yell Write by Ryan McMahon in 2024.

I’m Ryan McMahon. I’m an Anishinaabe creative based out of Hamilton, ON. I’m originally from Treaty 3 territory in Northwestern Ontario. I was born and raised in Fort Frances, ON, and my home community is Couchiching First Nation. I am a dad to four amazing children and a partner to an incredible Mohawk woman.

I turned to Substack in January 2023 to create a space to publish new writing and to work on new projects. I had spent the three years prior developing, executive producing, writing, and directing the critically acclaimed (and now Canadian Screen Award-nominated) docuseries, Thunder Bay for Crave TV.

I decided to lean into Joke Talk Yell Write as the foundation of what was next for me and here we are. In 2023, I published tens of thousands of words here, I started two new podcast series’ (Joke Talk Yell Write. Podcast. Today. and We’re All Mad Here), I published the possible beginnings of a memoir, some short stories, and a few dozen essays, personal reflections, and other pontifications and mildly angry disruptions about the world around me.

I’m really excited for 2024.


I should lead by saying that in 2024 I am focused on the renewed balance between healing, my professional work, personal, and family life, the latter being my priority.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Canadian media industry is holding on by a thread, some think it’s on its last breath. I spent years knocking on the doors of anyone who would listen inside the legacy media, and I don’t know that it’s the place for me. I’m here on Substack to make a space for myself rather than living the life of a freelancer at the financial whims of legacy media and white-collar execs looking for the next sad Indigenous story to tell.

I’m here on my terms, free to hit publish on whatever I choose, whenever I want. I want to write when I want and how I want, not because I have to write to survive for money, but instead, to write to share ideas and built culture. I want to write freely and intensely to express myself in ways I haven’t before.

I am back to creating work for myself and back on an independent path of storytelling. It’s the path that has given me so much and a path that I find to be rewarding, challenging, and importantly, creatively fulfilling.

Your paid subscriptions mean I can take the time to write and create and yell around about the world around me.


All content on my Substack will be available for FREE in 2024.

I’ve read dozens of Substack articles about Substack Free VS Paid models and I’ve concluded that I’m going to leave the decision to pay for this work up to you. If you want to support me you can become a paid member, if you’re not able to support at this time, no problem. Most importantly, I just want folks to read and hear and watch this work.

If you were here last year you’ll know that I experimented with all kinds of content including FREE vs PAID content, video, a paid member exclusive podcast, and livestreams. I thought offering exclusive paid member content mattered to folks but I don’t think it did. Most people who opted to sign up as paid members did so to support my work here, they didn’t do it for my extra ramblings or scribbles.

You can become a paid member by hitting the button below.


We publish every Monday morning. Occasionally, there will be multiple weekly posts; when something news-ish breaks or if I’m feeling the itch, I will post more often than weekly.

Everything I write here will go directly into your email, there is nothing for you to do here other than subscribe. The podcast I produce here will be sent here and will be available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Consider downloading the app for the best reading experience.


Social media sucks and is an awful drain on our brains. I quit social media almost two years ago and have never looked back. It has been a massive upgrade to my mental health and it has helped me engage with myself, my loved ones, the people and the world around me in a more meaningful way. I don't want to be that guy, but, seriously, consider quitting it all - you won’t regret it.

I think Substack and platforms like it are a powerful platform for the future of publishing independent creative work. That’s why I’m here.

As the media landscape melts around us, more and more of us that used to be published in papers, websites, radio, etc. are going to turn to the internet to empower ourselves and build relationships directly with our audiences.

I started publishing my podcast back in 2008 and it’s the best thing I ever did. Having a tool that sends my work to you is the best-case scenario for independent creatives like me. Finding a passionate, curious, and open-minded audience for my work has always been the challenge in front of me - you’re here now, so thanks for your interest.

Thanks for being here.

Thank you for reading Joke Talk Yell Write. I know social media sucks, but can you SHARE this anyway? Much appreciated.


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Anishinaabe creative Ryan McMahon publishes JOKE TALK YELL WRITE at the intersection of Indigenous comedy, media, culture, politics, decolonization, and community. Story is the revolution.


Anishinaabe Nini. Dad. Husband. Comedian. Writer. Creative. Instigator. (Re)building worlds at the intersection of Indigenous media, culture, comedy, politics, decolonization, and community. Story is revolution. Repped by Ron Eckel at CookeMcDermid.
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